What do you think of dreams?

June 11, 2008 3:19pm CST
Hi Every body, Its nice to come back again Well i just wanted to know what do you think of dreams that comes true, I get dreams very rarely & it sometimes scares me & sometimes surprises me as well coz i get the dream which is either happening or is to happen, for example i dreamt that one of a uncle in our Quarters was dead & that only little people were carring his body to his house when i was in a different city far away from my home town, when i called my mom & asked about how that uncle was & that i had dreamt about , she was so surprised about & said that it was actually real like wise i dream about good things as well, like i saw a vision like my hubby will be getting his job in a far away place where he will be travelling, & it happened like wise with in days so do you have any Experience of dreams & what do you thing this is ??
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@SueRod (238)
• United States
11 Jun 08
I am very interested in this kind of discussion as I am a firm believer in analyzing dreams. There are different kinds and I know for a fact that I've had precognitive dreams that came true later and it was when they happened for real that I remembered having the dreams. I have had lucid dreams where I knew I was dreaming and got to do whatever I wanted. It was really cool. I havent' had them in a while, though. My favorite dreams are flying and even scary dreams because I think there is a reason for every dream and its a fascinating world where dreams are concerned. Each individual can only interpret their own dream, I believe because some people might like snakes for example and others may have a great fear of them, so its up to each one of us to figure out what they mean for themselves. If you write down your dreams daily for a period of time you'll get the pattern of what your dreams mean to you, they usually are symbolic of what's going on in your life. So, much good luck to you. Welcome to MyLot as well. Take care.
19 Jun 08
Hi Suerod thanks for replying my mail & sharing your view about dreams well i agree with you in this have a blessed day