Things hated or disliked... Anyone?

United States
June 11, 2008 9:26pm CST
I hate/dislike the following... Kids that want to follow you around everywhere... an ex that wont stop trying when its done... pepsi and other Coca Cola wannabees A toilet that wont flush Government control Overplayed songs Awkward moments Country music Tea What do you hate or dislike, or dislike about my dislikes?
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• India
12 Jun 08
i do agree with some of your dislikes except country music and tea. you just go out and live in the outskirts of your town or a village. then you listen to the music. the environment along with the music will force you into a trance. you will simply appear to be in another land, something heavenly. and about tea, i drink about a couple of cups in a stimulates and makes you feel agile.but yes, it should have dairy whitener or milk. the dark tea is absolutely unpalatable. about my dislikes, it stretches a long way from shabby clothes, dirty linen, bad people, hypocrats till people watching television.hope these are a bit eerie but i have realized these things over a long period of time.
• United States
12 Jun 08
Well, i live in the country, and i hate country music. To me there's nothing like listening to rock music while walking thru the woods. Country (sorry) is hick hippie music to me.