touch screen over mouse

June 12, 2008 1:15am CST
wouldnt it be nice if we could do away with the mouse and realce it with a touch screen instead
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@aplaza (631)
• Netherlands
15 Jun 08
Those guys in that garage that thought up the whole mouse idea have a lot to answer for. But I do not like the suggestion of a touch screen either. I'm far too lazy for that. You see it would still need some kind of physical activity performed by myself. Either way I'd still have to do something with my hand. I would much prefer that the new standard would be a speech driven machine. And I'm talking about a good one and not the useless speech recognition junk they try to tell you is really beneficial when it just doesn't work very well at all.
@ferdzNK (3214)
• Philippines
13 Jun 08
It would be nice as it is a more natural but I think it would be so strenuous to the arms. I have accustom to mouse and its little movement. A very welcome feature but mouse would still be my main pointer.
• Malaysia
13 Jun 08
Well, yeah it would be nice. But the thing is that your hand and arm blocks the screen. If the screen is suspended from some angle, your arm will get really tired out from suspending it too. However, having said all that, I think more and more touch screen interfaces will come through. Take a look at Microsoft Surface: Another initiative by Microsoft is a glass panel, as large as and set like architect's easel. Fully touch screen, it has a very Star Trek LCARS feel to it, overseeing operations of a factory or company. I saw the demo video at a developer meeting. Not sure if it has been Youtubed.
• Philippines
12 Jun 08
i don't know. I've used touchscreen workstations before, and it doesn't really impresses me. You have to calibrate it in order for the pointer to follow your finger. I don't like the idea of touching the monitor. I don't know, it just seems no neat. Aside from that, if no proper precaution, you can feel a little static electricity when touching the screen. It is fun, though. ^_^