Collies are the smartest doge ever!!

@moose8 (483)
June 12, 2008 1:15am CST
my friend at school has a collie and i was amzed at how smaert it is. i knew they were smart but this is ridiculous. if this dog were any smarter it would be able to talk to us. when the dog was sitting in the trunk of the car and we got out the owner just said "go sit in th driver seat" and he did. it was incredible. i asked them how they did that and they laughed and told all sorts of things it could do: bark on command, get the mail, dance, and many more. that was so cool. the only problem was that i was covered in dog hair after the car ride :S
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• United States
13 Jun 08
Is this a border collie or (lassie) collie? I have a border collie and she is so smart, but my mom had a (lassie ) collie and she was so stupid.... VERY sweet, but stupid...
@Erratic (724)
• Australia
12 Jun 08
While a particular breed of dog will have dumb and smart ones, some breeds are smarter than others. This trend seems to go mainly with working/hunting breeds. And as far as I can tell Collies are particularly smart. But even the dumbest of dogs make fantastic pets and all can learn whatever tricks you want to teach them.