Bring out your dissatisfaction or just keep it in your mind?

June 12, 2008 2:31am CST
It's quite normal to meet this question in working time.we know management exists everywhere.a place has human being and there must has management.every people has his own mind and though that other sometimes can't understand completely.therefore,misunderstanding exists. some people always complain their superiors are too stupid or too bad temper.but how did you get this conclusion.a member just think of how can he earn more money or how can he keep his job.he never worried about other things,such as companies development or perhaps the company will bankrupt some day,etc.however,a manager must concern of how to manage stuff,how to run project,how to gain more and bigger responsibility than common stuff.i often perceive that not every people can become a those people who complain about stupid of their boss just have to check their own ability and thought.however,it's not means managers always do right things.there is no perfect man in the world.if we have different opinion with leader,we should concern about the whole process of this event carefully to find different and common ground.if we disgreed on some things,misunderstand is more than mistake.that's the mental different which can't be avoid totally. you know,if you quarrelled with your leader,or he wronged you,he could chech his own action after event.sometimes we can't keep a cool head when we meet difficulties or different opinion,eceryone works for life,we don't have private crisis and want to do our best on why should we keep it in our mind?if my leader wronged me,i would think of the whole process to check whether i was wrong or not.if i still clung to my own view,i would chatted with my leader in an innormal style.such as use msn to communicate.perhaps i will find his advantage and become close friend.perhaps we can find better way to do our work. so in my mind,it's better to solve disagreed opinion in low-pitched sytle. so friends,what's your opinion?
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@lvaldean (1612)
• United States
13 Jun 08
Depending upon your role within an organization it is better to contribute your ideas and thoughts. Leadership usually knows more than the workers about strategic direction, market drivers, and reasons for decisions that may on the surface appear not to make sense. Truthfully sometimes they don't make sense. Truthfully, there are times when decision makers are simply unethical or nefarious, however, this is not the norm and so it is better to make the assumption that the leadership of the organization has information that you do not have. I always speak my mind. I always try to do so in a productive manner. I always take my issues and concerns to my management if I believe they are relevant. I believe that every member of an organization has something to contribute, but if you just sit around complaining you aren't contributing to success.
• India
12 Jun 08
I always speak my mind and thats how i work even in the work front....I talk it out with my collegues or superiors and try to solve it rather thn hold grudges
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@xuchunli (24)
• China
20 Jun 08
i think your theory is right. i try and try to chat with my superior in an normal and innormal styles.but only thing i receive is strong crazy i want to manage myself should study hard to get another chance and leave her .
• Philippines
18 Jun 08
I think it may be good to bring out our job dissatisfactions to our boss/managers. But we must be careful with the words that we choose. We can't afford to make it appear like we're blaming somebody else with our issues. It may be better if we can suggest ways on how we'd want our problems to be resolved, and if they as a manager, think that it's a good option. We can't push what we want, no matter how much we want that, but we can always compromise. That would make them know that we're professional enough to bring the issues to them.
• Canada
18 Jun 08
If I am dissatisfied with something, I'll make sure to voice my dissatisfaction, and then do whatever I can to fix the problem.