Who has the more pressures,the emplyer or the employee?

June 12, 2008 3:05am CST
Jack is a boss of a small company.Lucy is an employee. Lucy will arrive home at 19:00 o'clock everyday without special things.she has YOGA exercise Tuesday and Thursday night.she can go shopping or playing with her friends at the other five nights.Official holidays,she can travel with friends or family and do thing whatever she likes. Most time,Jack needs to do extra work in his company.so,he has few time to have dinner with his family.he travels frequently for business.offical holidays,his time depends on customers companys.he is afraid of these holiday while other employees are expect for the time come.because he needs to send gifts to their customers,goverment official and related people.he needs to consider bonus and next year's development of the company at the end of the year.though he has employees to share the work.he still need to concern that because he is the boss. from the above examples,everyone can knows who has more pressure,employer or employee. Do you agree with me?do you have another opinion?Please share with us~~~
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• Malaysia
12 Jun 08
In your article it sounds like the employer has more pressures than the employee. As for me it all depends on what kind of employer you have. If you have a good employer than the employee will have less pressures. If you have a bad employer you will have more pressures. Personally I would prefer to be an employer than to be an employee. Employer gets more money and employee get peanuts. Employer's work may look like more pressures but remember they earn a lot more money than the employees. I worked in a call center and the most pressured ones are the employees.
@celticeagle (121030)
• Boise, Idaho
12 Jun 08
I think the employer has more pressures. The employees can just walk away. The employer can't. The employee puts in a 8 hour day and the employer has so much more time to put in to make a company run well.