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June 12, 2008 7:33am CST
I have a very good friend that is going through a very hard time right now.She has an older daughter that is 23 and into some serious drugs.Her children are in state custody,and she only gets to visit with them occasionally so my friend never gets to see her grandchildren.Instead of doing better and trying to get her kids back the daughter has done next to nothing right.She has only gotten deeper into the drugs.Now that the state is moving to terminate her rights instead of doing anything about it the daughter is trying to find a way out of state.She wants to run and get as far away from her issues here as possible. This effects everyone,her mother loves her and wants her to be off drugs and get her children back,Then she also knows it is probably in the children's best interest that they not be with their mother.However she wants to see her Grandchildren and the state isn't letting her because they are afraid she will let the mother see them if she was able to take them for the day. My friend and I would like to do an intervention but we are the only two in this girls life that could possibly have any influence and we aren't sure it would be enough,and we don't know if the state would have to hold off termination while she was in some kind of rehab,or is it too late and they will continue towards the termination anyway. I agree these kids have been in limbo long enough and need a stable home to stay in,not being bounced from one strangers home to another it has been almost 2 years now.I don't think this girl is capable of putting her children 1st and they would be better off if they found a home quickly.I just feel bad for my friend none of this is her fault and she loses out on seeing her Grandchildren and if rights are terminated I doubt that will change.I know there is something called Grandparents rights,I think that only helps if you have the money to hire a lawyer and fight for them rights,my friend don't have any money,sh barely gets by as it is. So I wonder what is she supposed to do here,just forget her grandchildren? Jas
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12 Jun 08
There is a thing called grandparents rights. I'm not sure how that works, but it wouldn't hurt to look into. Your friend could talk to DHS and show them she will not let the daughter near the kids and ask for the children. As far as the daughter, all I know is prayer. If you force someone to do something they don't want, then it wont work. Our family just went through this. My niece straightened up when she hit rock bottom. As hard as it was, everybody had to cut her off. I really hope things work out, but don't really know what else to say.
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12 Jun 08
Thank you for your response.I think I will talk my friend into looking into her rights as a grandparent more.It isn't fair to her or the kids that don't get to see her.The older child knows and loves her,he will not only be losing his mother but his Grammy as well.He will remember.The littler one doesn't really know her,and has been in care so long that mommy is just someone she visits occasionally. Jas