keep a diary

June 12, 2008 9:01am CST
Do you know what is the most amazing thing in the whole world? It is a person's heart. Every heart is like an ocean, in the depth of which lie the secrets of memory and the beauty of life. The tides of the sea set in and out as our emotions go up and down, leaving behind colorful shells on the beach. We pick those shells up, and keep them in a place where we feel safe. And that place ia called a diary. Desiree Clary was the first love of Napoleon Bonaparte, the first emperor of France. On her 14th birthday, her father gave her a diary, and told her that even if she lost the whole world, her diary would always be with her to protect her heart. One year later, she met Napoleon. When he left her, indeed she almost lost the whold world.Who stood firmly on her side to fight with numerous sleepless nights? Who encouraged her to pick up the broken pieces of her life one by one? Who witnessed and welcomed her every step towards the better understanding of life? It was her diary. Every night, after another tiring day, she would sit down, took a deep breath, to think, to write, to be stronger, and to tell herself more and more confidently that she could beat the odds. Her diary was not only daily report of are events, but a ship carrying her to her destination of real hapiness, an unparelleleed portrait of her every growth from 15 to 16 to 17, on and on. In 1829, she became the queen of Sweden. At the age of 17, when the would-come has not come yet and when the soul is still wandering, sometimes we do not know where we are going. Well, whatever sad, write it down in a diary. It is like depositing our sadness in a bottle and seeing it float on the river. We know that somebody, somewhere, somebody will pick it up, that what we have to do is only to have the patience to wait for the best. The best way to cure sadness is to find a place to keep your diary. Keep it in your diary. Keep a diary is a promise we make to ourselves, a promise to fight the turns and twists of life, a promise to hold on and never give up. When we are very old and when lots of things have come and gone, we can sit in an armchair under the setting sun to read our stories, to appreciate the precious stones we buried along ago, and to feel that we didn't come into this world for nothing. As to me, whenever I draw this picture in front of my eyes, I feel infinitely brave and confident to struggle on, and to keep the promise.
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16 Jun 08
The response seemed fewer here. Maybe it is a too long story to attract others' interest in responding to this topic. But anyway, you can post as you wish if you think you are right in the way! Come on and have a nice day!
@nee919 (22)
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13 Jun 08
Hello, heartsoul. Good topic and good story. But I think it is a little long so that nobody has patience to read and reply. Come on and have a nice day!