Is it better to remain friends in order to keep a relationship right?

United States
June 12, 2008 10:29am CST
As you see I just had a problem with a girl and its been quite a while like four months. But i have had this one friend for four years now we hang out talk about each others problems. You know we went to prom together. She had a problem about the time I met her when she went out with one of my friends, they broke up and she never really got over it I still am friends with both of them but she is finally getting over him its been like two years. I have tried to make them friends to make it easier on her but it did not work I just want the best for her. But for some odd reason everyone always thought we went out mabye because we sit together, and talk so much and are always seen walking together. I would love to ask her out but I dont want to mess up our friendship any sugesstions. Everyone I know tells me to go for it and if she says no dont worry about it and go on with my life. I just keep waiting and waiting. Any one know how I could bring the subject up dicretely. Mabye tell her so and so asked me if we were going out what do think? Or is this to obvious or should I just remain friends with her. And wait for someone else?
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