The Real secret of weight losing

June 12, 2008 1:07pm CST
The real secret of weight losing is be yourself... accept yourselves, and eat at consistent times. i lost 8 pound in 6 week already.
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@WAHSIS (216)
• United States
15 Jun 08
Can you expound a little on the quantities you ate and how much exercise you did and where and when you did them. Like the frequency and quantity. I eat healthy and walk but not working for me. Does this mean I am eating too much healthy stuff???
18 Jun 08
mayb u eat too MUCH that healthy diet. actually a cup of rice is 300 kcal. skinless chicken 200 kcal per 100g... u refer to nutritional facts at the backside of packings. actually man need 2100 kcal while women 1600 kcal. to lose weight, eat less than much fibre and veggies..also fruit.. breakfast is important..
@chej18 (915)
• United States
22 Jun 08
Yes thats right..balance diet and healthy food and exercise can help.Eat not too much but eat enough.Good for you Joni_graseka that you lose 8 pound.Goodluck w/ that. Greetings from Che!
@golfproo (1841)
• Canada
15 Jun 08
Hi There, You are right. The real secret to weight loss is that there really is no secret at all. Everyone knows the formula. Output has to equal more than input. Eat right and exercise and it comes off. That means a lifestyle change for a lot of people. That is what I did anyways and I lost over 100 pounds in total over the span of a year. cheers,
• Malaysia
15 Jun 08
i've lost 8kgs in 2 weeks.. the secret carbs..but in a small quantity.. sometimes people think that carbs is one cause of weight gain but the fact is we need carbs as the 'fuel' to burn fat.. besides that we do need regular exercise..3 times a week, 20 minutes each.. p/s: joni, keep away from fries..heheh..
@profitsg (90)
• Singapore
12 Jun 08
I would acutally say that you are a lucky fellow with high metabolism rate because not everyone can simply lose weight just by eating at consitent timing. I would still advice the traditional method of exercising more because it keeps you fitter and healthier as well. Plus it tends to tone your body to look nicer and when you look healthier, you will look good.