Active Referrals

June 12, 2008 1:36pm CST
I am concerned about how I can make enough active referrals. While participating in different programs, it is most essential to have cofortable number of people as our down line. If not, these programs wouldn't be fruitful. In the case of PTC programs, normally it will take months to reach the pay out limit. So this kind of work is not feasible. Referral assistance is inevitable. What are the meanse of getting more and more referrals. Any ideas? Discuss!
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@chennai_b02 (1735)
• India
12 Jun 08
Here in mylot you can find lots of people raise this type of discussions.. if you went through the responses of those discussion, all the people used to tell like the following : -- I got the 2 referral out of them 1 has made only one response and then went away, another one not at all raised even a single discussions.. i dont thing that whether they come back or not.. because these happened couple of months back.. -- If you find me i am in the TOP referral list, i have a lots of referral, but none of them are active at present, i am earning only through posting on my own behalf, ie., i got the earnings only for my postings.. -- I have only one referral, that is my husband, when ever i told him to work on mylot, he said he don't know how to work in mylot, i don't know how to make him to work in mylot.. -- I have Two referral, on is my brohter and another one is my sister.. since both are a student, they have enough time to chat with their friends, they will not concentrate on the mylot postings.. If you have a look at these responses, none of them are having an active referral in mylot.. In other words, Those who are having a referral, ie., active referrals are not interested to respond to this type of discussions.. I personnaly don't have any referral. All the very best for your discussions.. keep postings Quality Discussions/Responses.....