is it really possible to construct a world like matrix out of programming ?

June 13, 2008 5:01am CST
is it really possible to construct a illusion world like matrix out of a computer programming, can anyone tell me whether it is possible to create a world like that, if so tell me the cost to build such a world
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@steve9737 (918)
• Colombia
13 Jun 08
I think it is possible but I am not sure it would be too expesive like somoene commented here, you know there is right now something called virual reallity and it is something like that, but using a helmet and a virtal world, it have been suing for doctor to help people with fobias and for train soldiers but it is not that advanced like matrix, I don't know if you have to used second live, it is like a virtaul world when you are represented for a avantar and you can even fly like in matrix but obiously you use it with a normal computer and sreeen not with a reality vitual thing, anyway I have been reading also about something called brain to computer interface, it is supposed to connect the brain of the user directly to the computer in a way similar seen in matrix, but it is been used like a mouse for move a pointer in a computer screen not for a simulation of the reality. anyway if they can do something like matrix they would to use the power the human brain to help in the simulation because in matrix every user connected is like a computer connected to internet and the servers in matrix use the power of every person connected to the matrix to help in the simulation, so I think it is kinda of possible but anyway it is not just programming because need a lot of technology that I think doesn't exist yet.
• Greenland
13 Jun 08
xaxaxa no I am afraid it is imposible because there isn't any kind of hardware that can run something like that. First of all it's the graffics cause the objects you will want to calculate aren't just some walls or some leaves on the trees like games the objects that you will be calculating are trillions of microscopic things moving at huge speeds and creating matter. Even if you were able to make a program that can simulate the way mater is formed by those tiny things you would need a$ worth pc to calculate every single square inch of that surface :P Now imagine the whole world build up like that the hardware required to do all those calcualations is actually far beyond our dreams nowadays :P I suppose we need arround 500+ years of evolution in pcs before we are able of dreaming to do something like that :D
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@toogle (344)
• India
22 Jun 08
I can not say weather this possible or not but in the world of computers there is nothing impossible. I have read an article which say that it few years it will be possible to transfer all information from the human brain to computer & then back computer to brain. But article also said that that technology will very costly for first 5-10 years. If this can be successfully that it will possible in future we may be able to create a world like MATRIX.
• Philippines
14 Jun 08
I think that there is no matrix like world. but, who knows. maybe tommorow there will be a world like matrix and that you'll wake up one day that you're in a true world where there is nothing but men and women lying and their head hook-up to that big computer.we can never say what the future will be and there might be a possibility. you'll never know! like the great Einstein said that the world can be expressed by numbers.
• United States
13 Jun 08
i have always had this thought. what if this is all a dream or what if we're just a tv show someone's watching? have u ever seen 13th floor? is that how life really is?
• India
13 Jun 08
Yes, it is possible to build a world like the matrix . Infact there are many similar projects being implemented in the field of computer game programmimg. It would be unfair to expect to build world like the matrix but it is possible to build a similar one
13 Jun 08
hi friend... its possible...but you have to work hard.... and you have lot experience to come that level..... keep in touch...