How would you react with a dog eat dog office environment?

June 13, 2008 7:32am CST
Hi, i have been in a company where in people like to step in to others just to get a high position and i can't swallow it at all... eventually i passed my resignation... i can't stomach such environment.. it makes me sick..
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@aplaza (631)
• Netherlands
15 Jun 08
I think you have done well to resign your position there. I know I certainly wouldn't want to work at a company that condoned that type of behaviour. Although I suppose it's easier said than done. After all the bills need to be paid. And if you don't have another job quick enough things can be troublesome. Howver in a company like that one is likely to become ill due to the pressure one is under and in the long run that is more precious than, possibly, being out of work for a short time.
• Philippines
16 Jun 08
hi, thanks a lot for your response... :) thanls for sharing my sentiments...