pls help! mystery shopper philippines / jobs

June 13, 2008 10:12am CST
hi guys! for over a year i've been searching for companies who hires mystery shoppers, as of now i got 3 but none of them responded to my emails, i currently live here in the philippines, i have a job at a call center in makati, but the salary is not enough to pay the rent, i need a part time job .... anyone who can help me pls respond to this discussion, i have never had any luck finding part time jobs at my own time, i like to answer surveys, questions, measure quality and services, click on links, etc anything that i can do at my spare time. right now my part time is putting stickers on the plastics and repacking plastics, per 500 pcs plastics i just get 50 pesos. anyone who can help me find a job at my spare time pls do... thank you! i also want to know if anyone knows where i can apply to become a mystery shopper here in the philippines especiLLY HERE in manila area, thank you. please share your experiences and i have a question, are home jobs or internet jobs scams? pls share ...
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5 Jan 11
This maybe a very late response but did you register at They are a good pinoy owned company. All the best.