Microphaging, Vaccines and Possible Man Made Infectious Diseases

@ShealM (388)
June 13, 2008 12:55pm CST
I've talked about microphaging before in a few other discussions. I'd like to get opinions and thoughts on microphaging in general when it comes to diseases. Let me start with what microphaging is ~ microphaging is the process in which a bacteria or viral agent "piggy backs" on another bacteria or viral agent whether this be artificially or naturally. This means that the opportunistic bacteria or virus will "attach" itself to another bacteria or virus and use this host attachment as a means of access to the larger host the original bacteria or virus infiltrated or came into contact with. For humans, this means things like Pertussis (bacterial) and RSV (viral) infections being present simultaneously as a dual infection. This has already been proven to be the case in double blind studies that the majority of children with a pertussis infection also have a consequent RSV infection that piggy backed the pertussis bacterial infection. When it comes to vaccines, it has been well known that scientists and Pharma have used microphaging as a means of adjuvent for multi VDP's within one vaccine. A few good examples are MMR and DTAP (mumps, measles, ruebella and Diptheria, tetnus and Polio). As it stands, I believe these are dangerous things to do because it can mutate (the whole reasoning of microphaging bacterias and viruses is survival of the fittest and mutations are a way that they confer this survival technique) the original VPD (vaccine preventable disease) into something more ominous and dangerous that we may not find a vaccine or cure for. This is playing with fire in my opinion, a prime example is flu viruses. They are always mutating, microphaging is common among different strains of flu and there are dozens of strains being newly discovered - my question is how many of these new strains were caused by microphaging, by human beings? Another prime example was the SV-40 virus. It is a simian or monkey virus that jumped species through microphaging within vaccines that has been proven to be found in human cancer cells years later. This happened because of the use of simian fetal cells and tissue cells that were contaminated with the SV-40 virus and lack of contamination prevention protocols. Now comes my biggest question, is it possible that through the use of this microphaging technology used in vaccines that we human beings have actually created man made diseases and possibly even some of the super bugs out there like MRSA (being that over use of antibiotics are not the only culprit of the problems faced with bacterial infections that are resistant to them), flesh eating diseases and strains of flu or meningitis infections? What about Norwalk Virus, it's a gastrointestinal bacterial infection that didn't exist 5 years ago, yet Rotavirus did and there is a vaccine for that but not for Norwalk Virus. Is Norwalk a super bug mutation of Rotavirus because of vaccines and over use of antibiotics? I think it is, I think the vaccine for Rotavirus mutated it, essentially eliminating the original strains of rotavirus through mutations and creating a more resistant version of rotavirus which is essentially the Norwalk virus. Thoughts? Comments? Anything to add?
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