Should it be easy to flirt???

June 13, 2008 1:10pm CST
Does flirting come naturally or are some people just born to be flirt? Do you find it easy to flirt or could you not flirt to save your life? I never thought I could flirt but sometimes I've been flirting when I didn't even know I was doing it!! ;)
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15 Jun 08
Im like that, but Im not really a natural flirt, I do it mostly when Im drunk,probably because I have more confidence then:L
16 Jun 08
Yea thats the same as me thats when I don't realise I'm doing it =)
@Amberina (1541)
• United States
13 Jun 08
Flirting comes easy to me and most of the time it's my downfall it's like a monster that gets out of control sometimes. and I really have to watch myself around certain people. Sometimes I do it an not even aware until it's too late that I have done it then the other person gets the wrong idea and I have to back pedal. I have gotten better over the years to stop before I put my foot in my mouth...
14 Jun 08
I need to get better at flirting never mind getting better at not flirting to much ha ha =)
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
29 Aug 10
Love is a great feeling which has to be expressed. If you find it true, never fail to convey, thats a tribute to the love in real.
• United States
12 Aug 08
Flirting is natural for some, but most people need to work on it. Flirting is an art, it is a combination of words, gestures, body language, and attitude. Do good in some of it but bad in another thing will screw it up. Takes practice. There are no set words to start it or to respond because every situation is as different as each person you flirt with.
• United States
16 Jul 08
People (men) tell me Im flirting when I dont think that I am. In my opinion Im just being me. If it is flirting that I am doing then I was born to
• Philippines
10 Jul 08
yes! i agree! i mean, it comes naturally to those people who are born with it. sometimes, they are not aware of flirting somebody and also not aware of hurting the feelings of others because of their flirty actions. so i think they should be cautious on what they act on other people.:)
• Philippines
27 Jun 08
i'm not used in flirting actually i don't know how to flirt. i don't know if men loves it or its a turn off. i think i do flirt at times but i just don't noticed it. i'm not sure haha i guess, there are lots of flirting ways a person could do but for those who are expert it just comes naturally for them.