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WordLinx - WordLinx, trusted PTC that online since 2003.
June 13, 2008 3:59pm CST
This is a review of Oldest PTC that still online - WordLinx Few days ago, someone ask me a question: “I know you have join many Paid To Click site, but did you know which is the first PTC site?” Yes, the question really annoy me, and I don’t know the answer. What is the first PTC site is a very hard answer, and probably now less people or even no people can give you real answer. Anyways, actually I know a very old site. Although I don’t know is it the first PTC site, but I know that there is a very old, and probably the oldest PTC site that still running. That’s WordLinx. Online since 2003, the site has been stand still and running for at least 4-5 years. What the good thing is, the site is clean site with 0 self-sponsored ads and 0 bad comment until now. The site have different business modal than any other PTC. Most PTC now only earn through membership and referrals purchase, which WordLinx not. WordLinx referrals is selling as $0.50 each, and their membership is as cheap as $5 per year. The main earn of WordLinx is advertising, include PTC and banner. Besides, WordLinx is one of the PTC site that still accept PayPal, and have been verify by PayPal. Their payout have been set to $10, but payout will make within 48 hours, which is very fast than many other site. You can join WordLinx now, and started to earn with this oldest and trusted site. www(dot)WordLinx(dot)com [You can check my profile, go to my web site (a blog) and join the site under to support me too.] Take note that their membership price will change to $10 at July.
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• Finland
28 Jun 08
Hi ycpgoldberg! Thank you for sharing this site with us! I'm a member of it and personally I like this site pretty much! What you've comment about it is very true, and I've just upgraded on the site before its price go up to $10. I'm quite satisfied with that. :) I guess most of the members love this site! Happy earnings with that! :D