good workers hard to find

June 13, 2008 5:11pm CST
Is your buisness having a hard time finding good help that is responsible, and efficent workers. I am in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. A week ago my boss hired a girl that wanted to start on thursday, yesterday. She actually showed up and on time with a few minutes to spare/. We all spent time showing and training her on the everyday duties and at the end of the day she informed my trainer that she had back surgery not to long ago and she finds the work too hard physically but loves the job. She just can't manage to do it. Why in the world would you take a physical job like horse work knowing what it involves then come to work knowing you probably won't be able to do it. why say you want the job. Or another example is the young girls come to work for one to three days. They are on time we spend the weekend training them . Then you get a phone call on the fourth morning at 8 am in the morning(work starts at 5am) saying they are not comming back. ANyone has trouble finding workers.
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@aplaza (631)
• Netherlands
15 Jun 08
Due to certain economic tendancies there are times when it's easier to find jobs than at other times. Conversely those are also the times when employers find it difficult to find staff at all, let alone ones that are any good at what is expected of them. There comes a point when they are really desperate for pewrsonnel and are willing to hire and train somebody in the hope that they will actually be an asset and also stay with the company. Although I think that in the field that you are working in one would expect rather more young girls to show an interest in it. As most people know a lot like the horse/animal part of the job. However being young as they are they will rarely realise how much work that nice horsey really needs if it's to be kept properly. It's not just about petting it and riding it to your hearts content. That probably was the case with the girl with the back trouble. She just didn't realise it would entail a lot of physical work. At least she was honest about it so soon. As to the others I would say that I do sympathise with them. After all having to start at a job that early in the morning will take a lot of effort after a few days if you are a teenager that likes to go out in the evenings and have trouble getting up in the mornings. Can it possibly be that the person who is hiring at the place where you work isn't being totally honest with the people who apply? Does he/she really tell them that they are going to be expected to start everyday at 5am? Do they really tell the applicants about the duties that they will have and how much physical work is involved? Although I realise that even if they do say it and applicants will also have a tendancy to nod yes at just about every word they hear during the interview process, I suspect that there would be a lot more success rate if the people you work for have another look at their interview and hiring policies.
@monaliu (344)
14 Jun 08
yes,It is really difficult to find a good worker.Everyone haven't contend their presently job,everyone want to find a better chance or higher salary,It become difficult to keep their wokers here long time. Maybe if you can find their interesting and provide what's their needing and you can let them stay.But it is so difficult to do this...
@Shawchert (1040)
• United States
13 Jun 08
I'm not an employer but an employee and i've seen people come and go where I work, some people stay some people get angry and leave because there's too much work... and it's dirty I'd so love to work with horses even if it is cleaning out their muck! lol, I love animals, and I haven't been near horses in forever!!!! You're so lucky to work with them although I feel bad that you can't find workers to work for you/with you.