what u think about abortion? should it be banned?

@riken9 (24)
June 13, 2008 6:53pm CST
I think abortion is a horrible thing to do, why should women have the right to say " i don't want this baby, i want an abortion". They have no right to say that, as a religious aspect god would not want to give up a unborn child. Women take abortion as an easy way out of raising a child, they are to lazy to even say " why should i have an abortion". Every child should get the chance to live. Having an abortion will hurt the mother emotionally and mentally too. Yes i think it should be BANNED, i don't know who got the idea of having abortions, maybe some one who don't like KIDS OR just don't care about children. Just the other day i went on a website saw some horrible pictures to what abortion does to unborn kids. The pictures made me want to puke! What is your thought of how a women went to a clinic and gave up a unborn baby? check this link out: go to Google images type abortion and see what happens to unborn children.
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14 Jun 08
What would you say to a woman who has been raped? Should she have to raise that child? should she be remind of it everyday of her life when she looks at that child? If she adopted the child out how would that child feel when they found out there mother was raped and they are a pouduct of it? would you be against abortion in that case? I do think it is wrong when woman use it as a form of birth control.