Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

Multiple sclerosis and stress - This is what this is causing.
United States
June 14, 2008 1:51am CST
I have been sick now for some 7 years.It started out as imbalance and a strange feeling in my head,hard to describe.I was treated for inner ear disease and after months of this I did get somewhat better.I have not completely gotten rid of the imbalance or the fuzzy feeling in my head.Now over the past couple of years I have had a numb feeling come over my left leg from knee to foot.If I walk any distance or get overheated this gets much worse,and my legs both will get like a bad Charley horse in the back of my calves and I have to sit down.Sometimes I can't feel the bottom of my left foot and at times its all pins and needles.The list goes on,I have had M.R.I.s' done and spinal tap,and blood work.Also some test with electrodes,and nerve conduction test.The only thing that came up bad at all was the left side nerve signal on leg and arm were slow or stopped somewhere along their path.I also have inflammation in back of my eyes and they bother me at times. What I am wondering is 1st why do they keep telling me I have the symptoms of M.S. and probably have it but they can't diagnose it?This has really ruined my life,as a single mom I was doing pretty well before this happened,and now I have been from one job to the next simply because I can't always do my job properly especially if I get over heated,I am so tired of feeling like this.Any ideas,or anyone in the same boat that can relate? Jas
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