To work abroad or not

@hey_baby (426)
June 14, 2008 3:30am CST
I'm separated from my husband, my 10y.o son and i are staying w/ my mom and siblings & their families. i have a job offer now to work abroad, it offers twice my salary. not as high as i would've wanted but with that i think i would be able to save about 200usd per month. but i dont want to leave my son alone. he's away from his father, im sure my mom will take good care of him. but i picture him every night alone in bed. he would hear his cousins voices on the other rooms with their moms and dad. i am feeling now what he would feel like. he'd only have one of my sisters with him during school family days. i'm not even sure if my sisters could teach him lessons, bec they are working and have their own kids. i was thinking of having him tutored. but i don't want to not be there for him this christmas and new year, and his birthday. i am not sure that money and giving him all the material things would make it up for the lost time. but it's the only way i could save up for his future, for our own house. i am really pressured now bec i have only like 20 hours to call back the employer to negotiate and accept.
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