Approx. $1000 at work today.

@snoopy88 (452)
June 14, 2008 8:47am CST
Hey people, Please give me your opinions. Today at work at the end of the day, I found out that I was close to $1000 short. I was so badly surprised. I seriously don't know how I can be that far out by that big amount. Two things I can think of now, it's either the human error (me giving out too much money to customers) or computer stuff up my balance (by that i mean, I properly didn't press this important button and somehow it accumulate to a big amount). Anyway, according to the rules for this job, I'm suppose to repay that amount that was short in my balance. However, I think if the computer causes me to stuff up my balance (even though it's my fault forgetting to press this important button), I don't think I should repay them. In fact if I repay them, the company is ripping me off. My point is, don't take grant for what the computer says or tell you to do Use your head and think. Your head is not just there to keep both of your ears apart.
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@aplaza (631)
• Netherlands
15 Jun 08
As a cashier you are in a priviledged position to handle the money. This needs to be done with great care. After all it's not your money at all. You are just in charge of it while you are working the register. If it's really such a round number then I am inclined to agree that something has been rung up that was wrong rather than you being in a generous mood and passing out money to everybody who stopped by. Please remember that computers do not make mistakes. It's the people who use them that make a mistake. As such it should also be possible to find where the mistake was made. If your boss doesn't want to try to find it then it's his loss and shouldn't be docked from your pay. However if the receipts have all been tallied and all is correct then you really did give out money to a very happy person. Rather unfortunately they aren't going to have the grace to retrace their steps and return it. And that means that yes, you should be paying it back, after all you knew you would have to when you started this job as it's in their policy. Talk to your boss, make sure the receipts were checked at least twice preferably with you in attendance. If that doesn't work then just resign you job and tell them what they can do with their job! I certainly wouldn't want to stay and work for weeks on end and not get paid because of a mistake I made!
@snoopy88 (452)
• Australia
15 Jun 08
Yeah, you are right, computer doesn't make mistake yet it does not define reality of what actually happen. Because, the computer is programmed. Anyway my manager said that he will have a look at all the transactions and get back to me next day. But I still have lots of doubts about giving out such a large total sum of money by accident or forgetting to press that important button. 101% doubts all these happen. If only I'm simply selling physical items like donuts, cloths or tv. *sigh* With bets, the maths is very complicated.
• China
15 Jun 08
Poor you. Although I agree with you, sometimes there are always things we cannot control. However, there is always a way out. Hope everything will work out. Good luck.
@katemeow (848)
• Singapore
14 Jun 08
oh my, $1000 is a huge amount :( i'm very sorry for your loss but the company will really expect you to pay for that discrepancy. just like when items are charged to a stolen card, unless it is reported missing the credit card company will hold you liable for all the transactions. i think the best option now is to check the surveillance camera (if there is one in your workplace) just to show that you did not pocket the money. also talking to your boss is a great idea. just be honest and hopefully he will give you a very good solution to the problem. hope you figure it out though!