I Just Bought A PSP....

June 14, 2008 9:47am CST
I just bought a PSP and I really love it. I bought a memory card for it and I have loaded all types of things on it, from photos to music. I also bought three games for it, a Simpsons game, Sims 2 and Sims Pets. I'm playing Sims Pets right now and it's a lot of fun. However, I have three problems with the PSP.... 1)If you try to play it during the daylight hours (outside that is), you can't see the screen that well, if at all. It's awful and I have litterally had to turn my game off and wait til I was inside to play or to watch a movie on it. 2)The sound is very low on it and I wish that it would have come with bigger speakers or something that would make the sound a bit louder. My husband said that I can wear head sets but that's annoying.... 3)Sometimes I noticed that it takes long to load or it drags when I'm playing a game and that's been a little frustrating. I know it's a little game system but still... In any case, has anyone else had these problems and do you have any solutions (other than buy a PS2 or 3 that is because I already have that covered) ;-P Also, how do you like the PSP game system? I would greatly appreciate everyone's input on this, thanks!
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@tehmunkee (136)
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14 Jun 08
Yeah, the psp was meant to be an inside thing, unless you are in the shade outdoors, it can be hard to see. My psp phat had good, loud speakers, maybe they replaced them with some crappy speakers in the slim. About the loading times: yeah, they are pretty long. Alot of people like to mod their psp and dump the game to their memory stick and play it that way because the loading times are alot faster that way, thats what I did.
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• Turkey
15 Jun 08
My husband just said that he hasn't modded my PSP yet because it voids the warranty but he's planning on doing it when it's up. I can't wait ;-P Thanks for the post, I really appreciate it!