How Important Is a 'Best Response' To You?

United States
June 14, 2008 10:02am CST
Maybe I'm new enough that I don't understand the myLot mechanics (and it seems to me that myLot tries in some ways to keep it that way, especially in the earnings department...) but I have noticed several threads and several myLotters who seem to get pretty excited or pretty upset over whether or not they receive a "Best Response". One gal wondered whether she should ask a friend why she never gave her a best response. Another myLotter started a thread recently complaining that they never received a "Best Response" unless theirs was the only response in the discussion. Being a newbie, I'm curious about these "best responses", and why people are so excited about them. How important is a "best response" to you, and why do you get so excited about whether or not you receive one?
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@monaliu (344)
28 Jun 08
I am also a new user.I got only one best response here. I have choiced your answer to be as the best response of my topic.I want to know what's your feeling when you see it. wish you happy!enjoy today!
@Insung001 (740)
• Philippines
14 Jun 08
I don't really mind if I get the best response or not. But I'm not saying it's not important to me at all. It excites me whenever I receive an email congratulating me for being selected as the best response. It boost and inspire me more to really respond in a well thought manner. It's always nice to know that my response is read, and even more so if it is chosen as the best one. I appreciate it a lot. But then like I said, when I respond to a discussion, I'm not really hoping or expecting to be chosen as the best response. I respond because I like the topic, and I feel I have something to say about it. Welcome to the community highlyclever. Enjoy!
• Philippines
14 Jun 08
I must admit that one of the things that I look forward to at the end of the day is if I got a best response. It is not really something that I always hope for. However, I really feel very happy whenever I am given the best response for a certain discussion I have responded to. For me, being given a best response means that my opinion is given importance. Moreover, being given a best response makes me more inspired to share my views and opinions regarding certain issues.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
14 Jun 08
To me, it is not that all important.. I am fair game when it comes to this. If I get it, I will be happy.. But it is not something that I have to have.. I do enjoy getting best responses, it let's me know that something likes what I have to say..