dont you think it is nice to help other people in need

@paulw33 (297)
United States
June 14, 2008 4:51pm CST
hi my name is paul and i want to know dont you think it is nice to help people in need i do what about you?this story is about a 37 year old woman with 3 daughters that need your help she has md and is ventalator dependent i started something for her she is in need of a handicapped accessible van very badly he is on a fix income and hs little money to get the van she needs she has a caravan right now but not with a lift it is very hard because somkeone has to lift her out of her chair into the front of the van then we have to use boards to get her chair in the back ureing this time she has to be taken off her vent wich when it is hot it is not good for her then when she gets where she is going we have to take the chair out and then she once agin has to be lifted into her chair this is the only means she has right now it is not safe for her or her nurses and when it gets hot it is even worse so i set up something for her that you can check out please if anyone can help it is people on mylot tat can get the word out friends family this is a mother of 3 that needs this to get back and forth to the doctors and to live her life independently and be able to go places with her children weahter it be 1.00 or 100.00 donated it will help please check it out thank you and remeber tell your friends go to http:/ on i know mylot people will be able to start the donations out since there are so many nice people all money donated is sent thru paypal safe site please help a person out and tell as many people as you can thanks
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@vijaygame (758)
• India
14 Jun 08
Mark Twain once said " If you feed a hungry dog, then he won't bite you. That's the main difference between a dog and a man"
@paulw33 (297)
• United States
14 Jun 08
i think this is a very stupid response there is someone all the time that is in need somewere hopefully one day you will never need help it ids called payit forward but anyways thanks for the response