Awesome movie... but

United States
June 14, 2008 5:19pm CST
Depressing after you get over the initial cry. I am not saying that kind of love does not exist... But I think it is rare and me personally? I have never even got the first whisper of forever and always. Kind of depressing when you live as long as I have and not even get close to that kind of love. Not to say I was not married.I was and I did love my husband. We were so busy raising kids and working that we hardly looked inside each others hearts you know? Surface love and soul love is two whole different ball games.
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
11 Aug 10
Well true its a sweet and unconditional love story very touching and pleasing.
@bieke81 (1069)
• Belgium
17 Jun 08
I wouldn't call this movie depressing. I would call it more of movie of hope. Hope that, one day, when you need the support of your loved one the most, he will make the choice to stand next to you, no matter what. I don't know if my husband to be would make this choice for me (he says he would), but I'm glad that I can hope he will. Just as I hope that I will be as strong as this man if I would come to a life-altering moment. It's a movie of hope, not of fear or depression. That's how you need to look at it.
• United States
16 Jun 08
I did not see that movie but as ive heard from other people it was really a good romantic movie.I think if you love the particular person we always tell them how much we love them so they know how important they are in our life.
• United States
15 Jun 08
Well I would have to say it is both depressing and uplifting depending on when you watch the movie and depending on want stage of life you are going through. If you are just breaking up with someone because you feel they werent the one and you watch this, then you may be happy that you made the right decision or you may be kicking yourself in the butt. On the other hand if you are in a miserable relations, you may view this as a fantasy world, that isnt based on reality. Still you may be going through your life and think all is great and this is the way it is, and realize that it could be be better. Love means so many things to so many different people. If you find the person in which loves means the same thing for them, then it doesnt matter if it is expressed the way this movie did it or thousands of other movies. What matters is that there is love.
@dand1leg (11)
• United States
15 Jun 08
I don't believe it was depressing. You have to believe. They loved so deeply...... I found it beautiful how he was devoted to her even with her being sick. I got a sense of "wow" just seeing them together. My husband and I are raising our kids and even though I don't know that we have THAT deep devotion, I'd like to believe that through everything, he would be just as supportive and loving. You just have to believe........
@ArsonCuff (3121)
• United States
14 Jun 08
I assume you are talking about The Notebook since it is pictured. Yeah, it isn;t depressing to me because it was done overly sappy. It is like they took every romance novel cliche and rolled it into one package except for the long flowing haired pirate with chiseled abs of course. If ever a movie earned a "chick flick" label this one did.