Is there life outside our planet?

June 15, 2008 12:52am CST
The explorations at Mars are pointing to the possible existence of life there. That is not too far away from our planet. Then we have millions of stars in our galaxy. Most of them might have planets like ours revolving around them. Then there are millions of galaxies. With so many planets (millions of them) possibly hanging in our universe, how is it possible to not have life somewhere. Not just life, but intelligent creatures comparable to us, or even more so.
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@gtdonna (1740)
20 Jun 08
I ahve had this discussion with friends and our views are even if they are life outside of Earth, it would probably be best we don't know because we humans may just panic and get a crisis.
• India
20 Jun 08
Don't worry, life outside our planet may not be in a form that can scare us. Secondly, the distance between us and other solar system is such that it would be impossible to expect anything else except being spectators.