who believe this.?

@vimaal (3365)
June 15, 2008 11:11am CST
India is the luck country in this world because of a great person father of our nation Gandhiji born in india.He was born in 2nd october 1869.In his life he faced many problems and he solve many problems for india.He follow ahimsa rule only. So friends please follow ahimsa rule...
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@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
4 Jul 08
Hi vimaal. Yes, Mahatma Gandhi was a great man. And India have much to thank him. His wisdom and his wish for pacify is a example for all. Have a nice day vimaal.
@Liseux (44)
• Philippines
30 Jun 08
i agree in terms of cultures and traditions but when it comes to economy i disagree. India has a lot of supersticious belief. and I have my neighbor who are Indians. They have supersticious beliefs and I dont like that bec. I am a Filipino and Christian and I am free to do what I wnat but for them they have limitations and i think that is the reason why India is poor, they even worship rats. WTF! it is dirty and it causes diseases from us.. i think if the country is not living in this belief it will be rich!!
• India
15 Jun 08
Its a nice message to all the people in the Mylot. Hope you attract as many responses as possible here for this good message. Its really fortunate of us that we has such a Great Man called Mahatma Gandhi. But seldom his principles are followed today which i really feel bad.