On the subject of house moving ...

June 15, 2008 12:26pm CST
Wow, it has been a busy few days! Last Monday I was told that we needed to move house - our landlady wanted to rebuild and move in. OK, I called around, checked the internet and found 3 places in the 'near' vicinity. Wednesday, I went around to check them out. Out of the 3 only one is suitable and even that is iffy -there are fewer bedrooms, but the garage building has a 'granny flat' so it might be OK - will have to be actually, as I paid a deposit and we are currently all set to move in on 1 July! OMG - that is too soon, I have soooooo much to do. Friday morning I dropped the kids at school, rushed home, arranged a skip for all the junk that needs to be binned (broken toys,etc), then rushed into town to collect the forms from the estate agent so they can do the relevant checks on us. I was so rushed that I forgot my purse at home and only realised after parking the car in a multi-story - oops! Lucky for me the centre management were very understanding and I didn't have to pay. Then I started packing, I packed, and I packed and I packed. So far I have cleared all the shelves in my study (diningroom), I have cleared cabinets in the lounge and have done the spare bedroom as well started on the kids bedrooms - cleaning out the toys! Now for a week or the worst bits - our bedroom, the bathrooms and lastly the kitchen! Please tell me your stories of when you moved house - make me feel better. Please... :¬) Violetdreamslingerie.co.uk
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