What are your ways to reduce stress?

June 15, 2008 11:55pm CST
All people suffer from stress this day because the world right now is full of activities & keep us busy always. We need to reduce stress cause stress has a big factor on our physical performance. I will share my ways on how reduce it. First day in the morning I will start by talking to our Lord. I'm always on time on everything so i can't be rush. I live also within my budget. I don't use credit cards anymore for ordinary purchases. I am always thank the Lord for everything He has done to my family. Lastly, You must exercise and do massage after rigid work so you can achieve relaxation. Your body needs to relax. Do it! Can you share your ways too.
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@keasling (724)
• United States
16 Jun 08
My computer. I know it sounds weird but if i start feeling stress out I come to my desk and I go onto my favorite sites and I talk to my online friends. Sometime I will write a blog about what is bothering me on my blogging site. If I need suggestions I turn to my social sites like mylot. I also find that playing with my animals help and if it isn't my kids stressing me out, I make them go outside with me and play tag or hide n seek. For me just having me time helps a great deal in reducing stress.