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@lamcouz (101)
June 16, 2008 2:48am CST
I am finishing my college studies very soon ( in science), which makes me wondering which pathway should I take :- to further my studies in phd/ to find a job and earn some money. Furthering studies can practically mean dedicate my life to scientific research, but I do not know whether this kind of life is ideal or not. Anyone with experience can tell me what to do?
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@liuqian (476)
• China
16 Jun 08
Well,i think it depends on you.If you really intersted in science and would like to spend more time on it,i think you can keep on and someday you can make some achievement.Finding a job is also a good way that you can make a living and get more social experences.For me,i will gratuated soon(next year).And my choice is finding a job first because i want to be independent and get rich work experiences,then if i still wanna getting further education,i will keep on learning(and at that time i will know what i really wanna to learn).Hope you ccan find your own way!
@lamcouz (101)
• Australia
16 Jun 08
I know what you mean here. I find myself quite ok with science, but I really don't want to stuff myself into scientific researches in my whole life and not trying out something new/lucrative. Anyway, wish you luck in your studies/future job :