I am now a super clinician!!!!=)

June 16, 2008 4:23am CST
It's quite a new world...entailed with whole new responsibilities, duties and tasks that has to be finished on time...or else I'll be retained, which would be really very sad...But of course,I won't let it happen...Goodbye to my old self-which happens to be quite lazy and has that "later na" habit that i should really eliminate...as in totally! I have to be more of and give my best of everything if i really want to be promoted in my clinic and finish my Dentistry on time... Despite the pressure i'm feeling, I'm very much excited on the thrills, adventures, activities and experiences of being a clinician will bring me...I am so enthusiastic and positive in all the things I'm doing now and I'm hoping that I'd be able to maintain it till the end...Excitement really rushes through my arteries and veins! I just can't hide it...hahaha!!! I'll be encountering patients, I just wonder how I would be able to mingle with them well,and gain their trust in the procedure that i'd do to them...(i haven't started working at the clinic yet..I still don't know what exactly do i have to do..hehehe..=p) I've been busy preparing all my stuffs this past few days and i'm sure i'd be busier when i'm already working at the infirmary...However things may turn out,i'd just do my very best...and i know that with prayers and especially with God, I can surpass every task and trials that awaits me...=)
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