sch0oL here i c0me..^^

June 16, 2008 5:15am CST
well well well.. it's the start of the new sem... its now time to be serious about the things to be done.. this is where our future leads.. everyone might think that being a student sucks big time.. but i was just wondering, it's more difficult to earn money, ryt??... all u need was to study in advance, memorize, learn and explore... with an allowance being given to you.. so y bother to complain... so might as well give ur best shot!!.. being a student, you got to meet new people...and it was just fun.. to mingle with new creatures that will either like you or break you... you've got to experience being independent in your own little way... its a time to be good at practicing the profession that you've chosen.. well being tired is just a part of it... at least u could get to sleep on ur own bed comfortably.. with dinner served in a silver platter... you wake-up.. go to school.. study and learn.. go back home.. sleep again.. and the routine goes on... and being a student isn't a bad thing at all.. watcha think??
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