dentistry: a 6-year course, not 4.

June 16, 2008 6:55am CST
2 weeks ago, i went to a bank to have my signature and photo updated. the teller told me to sign over my name. i also gave the 2 1x1 pictures they told me to bring. then the teller said "sir, sandali lang po ha?" after 2 minutes, another person (not the teller) approached me and said "sir bakit po iba ung pirma nyo dito?" - but i have been using the same signature for a very long time now. the i looked at the old signature. it IS different! for some reason, my signature has evolved from its primitive "loopy" appearance to a more slender one. hahaha! then the teller showed the old pictures - it was taken 9 years wonder they wer asking me to update my pictures. but that wasn't the case. this is the interesting part. the teller and were chatting while she was doing her work. this is an excerpt fom our conversation: teller: anong year mo na? me: 20 po teller: nag-aaral ka pa? me: opo teller: anong year mo na? me: 3rd yr po pero actually 5th year ko n po teller: ah 3rd year k palang.. sayang, dapat gumraduate k na last march... -at that point, i felt a bit insulted (do i look THAT dumb?) but at the same time i find it funny because of how some people would think that all courses (except medicine and law) are finished in 4 years. me: hindi po, kc 6 years po ang course ko teller: ano ba ang course mo? me: dentistry po teller: ah 6 years pala un - then there was light! hahaha! after that, she was finished with her paperwork, then i went home. moral of the story: not all college courses are finished in 4 years! and another thing, one person may look stupid, but that doesn't mean he is. hahaha!
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