"My life as a dentistry student"

June 16, 2008 7:02am CST
We all know that being a student is not simple one. As a dentistry student, well i think it is a very stressfull but at the same time there's a lot of enjoyment. For almost five years of being student i still enjoying to study but sometimes I hate it- many requirements, quizzes, exams etc.... Although I imparting almost my time to review for exams and quizzes, to do all the requirements, research work. I know it's a part of being a student not only to please my parents but also for my benefits. With my chosen course, pratical is one of the activity I really enjoy a lot and still enjoying it and willing to face another stage of it. Although it's tiring I learned a lot from it and I applying it well. I learned also how to create a harmonious relationship towards my professors, classmates and friends. Right now, Im in clinic 1....I'm going to face different patients with different attitudes and I must know how to handle such situations. I must be more patient and give my double time/effort. And show how dedicate I am for my chosen career. It's more complicated and more expensive. Good luck to us dentistry students.....We can do it!!!!
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16 Jun 08
I hate dentists (no offense ), but a good dentist is a great thing! I have one person that is the only person I'll go to, and he's truly good at what he does and makes life in the chair easier. Good luck with the rest of your studies! It sounds like you're doing an awesome job and enjoying it, which is terrific.