Are you a hoarder?

June 16, 2008 7:20am CST
I am currently taking respite from the spring clean of my cupboad right now. I find I have allot of items that I never use, but nevertheless can't bare to part with. I keep thinking to myself that I might regret the items. Does anyone out there have the same 'proplem'? It's driving me nuts, as I can't really afford the 'clutter' as I need more space.
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@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
16 Jun 08
hi there! yeah i used to be a hoarder and a collector of stuff. but now, i learned to let go and simplify my life. when i have too much i throw stuff or give them away--if somebody will take them. it simplifies my life. like you, i have limited space because right now, we are only occupying a room in my in-law's house. they have so graciously given me a small space as my office, and i already have so much clutter there. so i can't afford to have stuff that requires storage. you should try to get rid of the stuff that you don't "need"... good day and God bless you! :)
16 Jun 08
Thank you Spoiled 311. Yes, I am living in a small space myself - my parents have loaned me their spare room until I get my housing situation sorted. I have my video collection, many of which I have seen and don't intend to see again. Nevertheless, they have sentemental value to me. I keep adding to my video and my DVD collection, especially when I see old classics at bargain prices in charity stores etc. Now the video and DVD collection are accomanying my book collection. Many of these books are out dated academic books from my student days. Again they have sentemental value of my hard work at college. The next thing is my teaching materials. I wouldn't care but the materials are probablty out dated and at the moment I'm not teaching. Then there are the clothes, many of which no longer fit, or are just out of fashion, or worn. There is one particular favourite pair of trousers that don't fit, but which I love and keep promising to fit into them one of these days. The irony is the clutter which stresses me out only causes comfort eating. Help!! God Bless you too!!