So Should Have Checked The Dimensions

June 16, 2008 9:10am CST
A few weeks ago, I bought a really good bird cage from an online store. It was a great price, and was delivered within a few days of me purchasing it. Was very happy how quickly it arrived. Well, it is bigger than I was expecting. Bigger not just in cage size, but the gaps between the bars are huge! The bars are about 2-2.5cms apart! Ooops! I've been wanting to get budgies again, after my last one died of old age a couple of years ago, and thought that this cage would be fantastic! Looks like I will have to change my plans, as while it is definitely big enough for about 5 birds, I'm worried they would just slide out between the bars and stir my household up even more (if that is possible.) So, my question is to those who are professional breeders and showers of budgies. What is the maximum safe gap between the bars of a bird cage when it comes to budgies? Would they squeeze out through a 2.5cm gap, or would that just be totally beyond them? And, if anyone else has some interesting tales to tell about their birds housings, please feel free to share.
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