What was your first J-Pop song (that you liked)?

@Kx2luv (27)
United States
June 16, 2008 10:04am CST
I actually don't recall what my first J-Pop song was, but I do remember the first J-Pop song I liked. I had just got into anime, & was over at my friend's house watching "InuYasha." I heard the ending theme, which was BoA's "Every Heart -minna no kimochi-," & thought the song was very beautiful! So, yeah, who was ur first & what was the song?
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• Philippines
22 May 11
my first jpop that i love is the purachina from cardcaptor sakura sung by Sakamoto Maaya :D
• Hungary
25 Jul 10
I guess my jpop/rock fanatism must have started with anime opening/ending songs too, and Evry Heart was amongst the firsts Japanese songs I got to like too, along with Read or Die's theme song, Confidence. And the very first jpop song I heard... must have been the opening of my first anime, Kaleido Star, Tattoo Kiss, that I came to like quickly despite of not understanding a word of Japanese back then.
@saizo6 (2211)
• United States
27 Feb 10
Wow, I noticed that quite a few people here mentioned "First Love" by Utada Hikaru as their first Jpop song. It seems that a lot of people I talk to state that that is their first Jpop song. I started listening to Jpop around 2000 and that was the song. Everyone I knew played it over and over and liked it even though we had no idea what the lyrics were about.
@keinah2 (303)
• Philippines
17 Feb 10
Me too~~~!!! The first jpop song I liked was Minna no Kimochi. I liked the song because of BoA..not because of Inuyasha. But I got tired after listening to it a lot of times. And so I replaced Minna no kimochi with Janne D' Arc's "Gekkouka". It's really a good song...but the PV is creepy xD.
@Montblanc (141)
• Canada
31 Jan 10
My first song was Just Communication by TWO-MIX. It's from Gundam Wing
@little83 (45)
• Semarang, Indonesia
16 Feb 09
I don't remember what first song I like, but I think it is "First Love" by Utada Hikaru. Because I can feel the song, uhhh, that's make me want to feel love.
@yuki87 (607)
• Italy
27 Nov 08
My first J-pop song that I liked was surely an anime song XD (can't really remember which one was the first) but the one which got me into Jpop completely was Evolution by Ayumi Hamasaki.
@Saxheel (43)
• Australia
29 Oct 08
Ah! Love J-Pop =) The first JPop song I ever heard was Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru, during the opening of Kingdom Hearts. Well, not really JPop, but I then went on the internet and listened to Hikari and alot more of her music. My all time favourite is 'Final Distance'. Such a beautiful song; it never fails to bring a tear to my eye.
• United States
4 Oct 08
Hmm, my first J-pop might be "Seishun Amigo" ever since i watched "Nobuta wo Prouce". aNd i fell into it ever since :)
• New Zealand
4 Oct 08
First Love - Utada Hikaru My cousin was listening to it, and I loved it too. I only found out the name of the song and the artist a few years later though, I thought 'hmm I'm certain I've heard this before', and then I remembered.
• Singapore
13 Sep 08
The first J-pop song that I like is "Thank You!" by Home Made Kazoku. It is an ending song from the anime "Bleach". I love the upbeat feeling of the song. Even though I wasn't a fan of rap, the rapping by Home Made Kazoku and most J-pop artist are more uplifting and even inspiring. This is far from the dark and angry style of some western rapper. Ever since this song, I have been a lover of J-pop and a loyal fan of Home Made Kazoku!