Reading can be fun - come and enjoy books with me!

June 16, 2008 11:32am CST
Life can be taken seriously or it can be fun, I believe that there should be a nice healthy balance of both for a happy life. Some of my discussions should be taken seriously, but this one I think is mostly fun, the following can be taken as a game, but maybe there some truth that books have to tell us. Generally one reads a book from cover to cover to enjoy a story or learn about some interesting facts. This time though I am asking you to walk to your bookshelf and close your eyes and pick any book that you feel that you should. Use your intuition to open the book at a random page and touch that page somewhere with your pointer finger. Now read the paragraph. Here is mine: "...would I do a good job? Would my clients be nice? Would they listen to me? Doing the job that I have made me realise that I have to take some of my own advice here, it was time to open my heart, drop my defenses and listen to my inner guidance..." These words are supposed to give you inspiration because they relate to your current issues in life in some way. This is an ancient form of Divination, the modern term is Stichomancy. Many years ago it was practiced by Christians who only used the Bible to attain their messages and it was called Bibliomancy. It is very interesting! I find that as I am about to start a new job on friday (or sooner) as a Birth Attendant (or doula) so the words I found in my Stitchomancy is very accurate! So go to your bookshelf and find yourself a paragraph and post it here and tell me how it relates to your life - if you believe it does. Do you think that there is spiritual messages available this way or is it all just fun and games?
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@Winter08 (441)
• Canada
16 Jun 08
My "paragraph" may actually be the whole chapter. The page I opened to reads "Chapter 22 The Mechanism of Manifestation." I will take that to mean the whole chapter has something for me to hear/think about. I do think that we can be given messages this way. There have been many times when I have been browsing in the book store, picking up books to see if they interest me, and found that a phrase or paragraph related to some concern I have. Sometimes this has helped bring my attention to an issue I needed to deal with but that I had been ignoring or suppressing.
• Australia
16 Jun 08
I hope you enjoy reading your 'psychic message' that is within the Mechanism of Manifestation. I am glad that you have done this in the past - see I am not just wierd and kooky! I look forward to any updates on how this actually has helped you in your life. This form of divination is great for the short term future and will really inspire you. The results can be fun and shocking - have a try!
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