Would you keep a Cockerel?

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June 16, 2008 2:47pm CST
I recently acquired a few hens from a friend of mine. They were only a few months old and we noticed that one was more colourful than the other. As male chooks are generally more colourful than the females we had our suspicions!Everyday we listened but we didn't hear it - until one day out came a very tentative "ur-e-ur-e-urrrr". Oh dear - it just got worse and eventually the little chap had to go back to its original owner! Fortunately he's now found a good home and not ended up in the pot. Although we live on 2 acres of bushland, we wouldn't consider keeping a cockerel. We like our peace and quiet! Although it would be fun to have a few chicks running about! How about the rest of you Poultry keepers out there? What are your views?
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@NekoWashu (106)
• United States
31 Aug 08
I would keep all the chickens. I would keep a cockeral for a couple reasons: #1- they sound alarm when they are being threatened #2- babies! I wouldn't want to repurchse hens so I'd hatch the eggs for the next gen of chickens #3- food, young roosters are very good for canning and eating. I find that most animal noises do not bother me at all. I think it has to do with how much patience a person really has. I mean no offense by that though! But I love my animals and all that it implies. =) I wouldn't have a rooster any other way. But, having said that there are many breeds that have relatively quiet roosters. Why not look into that? =)