How Does It Make A Man Feel When A Woman Cries In Front Of Him ?

United States
June 16, 2008 3:45pm CST
For a man,how does a man feel when a woman cries in front of him ? And for a woman,how does your husband or boyfriend react when you cry in front of him ? I believe that when a woman cries in front of a man it reaches his very soul.I believe that a man hates it when his girlfriend or wife cries,I believe that a man will almost trip over his own feet to get her to stop crying and even will apoligize for things that are not his fault just to get her to stop.I believe that a womans crying in front of a man is not a weakness but rather a womans strength,I believe that a womans crying is so powerful to get a man to do the things you want him to do that arguing will never accomplish.I believe that when a woman argues with her husband to get him to do something that it just breeds more bitterness and more bitterness towards eachother and accomplishes nothing.I believe that a womans tears can bring about more help,more togetherness,more love,more support from a man.So woman have a great big cry in front of your man if you want to move him in a way to get him to do something that you can't get him to do by arguing.Turn on the faucet and show him your good heart and let the real you come out.Cry without bitterness,cry without acusing or blaming,cry without anger.Show him your good heart through your crying.Let him know that you are a good person just wanting things to work out better.Let him know that when you are arguing with him and you throw at him the bitter words,the bad attitude,let him know,it isn't the real you.Let him see the good kind you through your crying.When crying be unblaming,let him know you love him and then ask him for what you need help with.I'm telling you that your crying will reach his very soul and you will experience results from it before a week goes by.