Great Songs You Probably Never Hear

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June 16, 2008 4:21pm CST
It's kind of a silly discussion to start, but I'm going to put it out there anyway because some of these songs and artists are just too good to go ignored, or to remain unknown if you don't know them already. Top Song: Fortunate--By Lathun--The most poignant romantic R&B song I've possibly ever heard. Artists that you may not have heard of yet: Damien Rice (songs) 1. cannon ball 2. delicate 3. Older chests 4. (Also does a version of Radiohead's) Creep 5. I Remember--one of my personal favorites, lyrics incredible, 6. The Animals Were Gone 7. Nine Crimes (in Shrek the Third) Joshua Radin (songs) 1. What If You (in Catch and Release) 2. Today 3. The Fear You Won't Fall And If Anyone Likes Country: Jerry Jeff Walker--I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight--it's so guttural Brandi Carlile (song) 1. The Story These Are Just Some of My Favorites If You Hate them or think I've wasted you're time completely please let me know
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16 Jul 09
I love Joshua Radin! If you like him you might want to check out: Greg Laswell, Aimee Mann, Ingrid Michaelson, Unkle Bob, Imogen Heap, Meiko, Catherine Feeney and many others! Good topic! =)
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8 Jul 08
Actually, you probably did NOT waste your time. Lately, it seems that what the big-time record companies consider "good stuff" is not what the public wants. There are quite a few good musicians out there that do not get the exposure they need or deserve. What makes things worse is that you get the occasional record company executive that likes to hide under the rock who thinks that just because he thinks what a band or musician should do would be better is usually not what the music fans want. That was the downfall of many artists.
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27 Jun 08
Eh, they are okay. I might have to give some of these another listen. Its rare, but sometimes it takes more than once to appreciate the song.