Wanna get married? Eloping vs large weddings

United States
June 16, 2008 7:40pm CST
Ok, so my fiance were discussing the possiblities for our wedding AGAIN. We aren't planning on having it until 2010 because we figure that having a baby this month will be enough stress to last at least a year before we start planning a wedding. The idea of eloping has come up again. I'm not too privy to the idea of a big giant bash with 300 of our closest friends but, I also didn't picture my wedding being just he & I and Elvis at the Little White Chapel...How many of you out there eloped and how many of you opted for a bigger wedding. Pros and cons??
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@jhl930 (3605)
• United States
17 Jun 08
um i think for me its going to be a big wedding because that is always what i have thought about if i ever wanted a wedding...i mean ive not thought that much about it but when i have it was always with both of our families being there with us when we got married...i think that eloping would be good if the families were against it and we really wanted to get married and the families were going to be a problem with the wedding and we knew what we wanted and we were going to do it...i think that is the only way that i would ever want to elope...but other than that i think that i am going to get married with a wedding...but everyone has their own ideas and opinions on what they want and i dont think that anyone can say one or the other is wrong because what i may like the next person may not like...i think that it is all preference!
@jerzgirl (8058)
• Gloucester City, New Jersey
17 Jun 08
I don't plan on ever getting married again, but if I were to do that, I would far prefer an elopement to an actual full-blown wedding. Life is expensive enough - I see no reason to spend that much money on something so short term. I think it's ridiculous to spend $20,000 for a wedding bash when that money could be put towards a house or car or even the honeymoon instead of on to credit cards. That's an obscene amount of money - there are too many REAL needs to put that money on.