A lot or A little

United States
June 17, 2008 3:09am CST
When it comes to pizza do you like a lot of toppings or just one. I like just one topping on my pizza's. I like pepperoni or bacan along with cheese but that comes on ever pizza. lol I have never been a big fan of a lot of toppings but I do know people who like as many toppings as they can fit on one pizza. So do you like a lot or a little?
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• United States
17 Jun 08
I don't like alot of toppings on the pizza either...I use to when I was younger. I like mine with cheese and pineapple or, just cheese.
@Rikza1 (295)
• Finland
17 Jun 08
I pretty much like a lot of toppings. I want to have like 3-4 different on my pizza sometimes even more. Just one is boring taste. I usually have pepperoni, tuna, pineapple, ham sometimes chicken, bacon and a lot more.
@stjmen (86)
• Australia
17 Jun 08
Depends where I'm getting the pizza from and the mood I'm in. If it's from one of the commercial fast food type outlets, I generally prefer half cheese and sauce as whether you like alot of topping or a little it doesn't matter, they always put a little. If I going all out and having it from one of the gourmet outlets, that a totally different kettle of fish. I have stacks of topping. The variety of the topping (ie lots of different toppings or just just one or two) depends on what I feel like at the time. My favourite pizza is cheese (half sauce and cheese) with chilli sprinkles and oregano.
@skygal (146)
• Malaysia
17 Jun 08
I like little toppings on my pizza too. Just chicken chunks and pineapples will do as toppings on my pizza or only seafoods will be fine too. Too many toppings make me feel too full and can't have the real taste of the sauce.