Obama Prochoice?

United States
June 17, 2008 9:11am CST
I often try not to get too heavy into politics but some things I guess I just can't let my opinion go by without expressing. I understand as a woman that things happen to us in life, especially in reference to pregnacy. I know there is rape, beatings and so forth but deep in my heart I cant understand aborting a child. I do understand it's a choice we have and a freedom with our bodies, but to me no matter how smal the life is, it is still life. I feel like that if God sees fit for you to carry the child then there must be a reason for it. I dont see it as a way to remind us of how the circumstances happened but maybe as a new way for you to beable to look at life and possibly understand the joy that lies ahead of you. I also understand that it may not be you who chooses to raise the child, but then again it may be a way for you to make another family happy that is not as fortunate as you to carry a child. I know sometimes in my own life of troubles there has be times that I did or said something maybe ever so small to another individual and it made them smile or maybe it put a little extra lift in their step....but no matter the reason, I know it made me feel somewhat better about my own life..... Please understand I dont judge the woman on her decision but somehow I feel if I could get just one woman to think a little bit about what I have said here, even though it was short and simple, and if that makes her take a little more time to make her final decision, and if she chooses life, then this was well worth it a million times over....whats your opinion?
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