What do you love most about going to the Beach?

June 17, 2008 10:29am CST
I Love to go to the Beach .I had a good feeling when i go to the Beach especially when my hubby is with me or my Family.I had a peaceful feeling when i was there and i like looking at the water which is so clean.
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@longbangod (1791)
• Philippines
23 Jun 08
I also love to go to the beach. It's my weakness. When I am sad and have a problem, I love to stay there alone. I could reflect and think about everything. It's like talking alone to God. During reunions or get together, I would want it to be done at the beach. There are things that you can do there aside from swimming, like playing and singing...
• United States
20 Jun 08
I also love going to the beach! I went to the beach last night with friends and it great! Wigging my toes in the sand and water. Jumping the waves is always fun! I don't know what it is about the beach, but it makes me feel to relax and happy. It make me realize how big the earth really is. Like you said they water is soo clean and pretty. (:
@jkg0679 (31)
• United States
18 Jun 08
I love just sitting in the sun with a good book! I could spend hours doing that. My family and I are heading to Old Orchard Beach, Maine next week. I can't wait!
@chennai_b02 (1735)
• India
17 Jun 08
Beach - beach..
Yeah, ofcourse i love go to beach often.. a couple of years back, before i got the kid, i used to go to beach, with frequent interval..but now I am not in a possition to go to beach, by carry him, the sea air, will not get it alright for his health.. Every Satuuday or sunday we used to go to beach, and have our dinner out, and back to home, till Two or Three years back.. But now a days, i am not find time to go to beach.. and enjoy the same.. Its really a amazing moment by walking on the beach sand. Thanks for the discussion to share my memories..
@unuzzz (1274)
• Indonesia
17 Jun 08
the same !! hi katz23joe, hehee :P the peaceful feeling that makes me crazy with beach, hohoo the small waves and the dry sands always welcome me to just sit and watch the sea that's what makes me loves the beach ^^ cannot wait until my next holiday to the beach.. hehee thanks katz23joe ^^
@paid2write (5202)
17 Jun 08
I have just returned from the beach. It was sunny and bright with a nice breeze and I sat for a while watching the birds and the boats. I saw people swimming or fishing. What I like most about the beach is the sound of the waves. I like to watch them too but it is the sound I find most relaxing. I decided I must buy myself some swimwear and start to swim in the sea. I have been living on the coast for more than a year now and have not been in the water other than to paddle in it up to my knees. Now I think I shall go swimming and get some good exercise. I can swim as the sun rises in the morning or at the end of the day. I don't like to go to the beach when it's busy or if it is too hot and the sun is very bright. I know people who go swimming in the sea every day so I think I should join them.