Summer Festivals and Celebrations..

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June 17, 2008 11:30am CST
Summer is nearly here which of course means there are NUMEROUS Festivals and celebrations annually that go on ranging from Gay Pride (which I just started a thread about) the Port Dover Friday 13th weekend bash (going next yr and taking my kids woohooo) Pagan the Friendship Festival to Caribana and of course all the many different heritage festivals, food festivals, music festivals, various city festivals etc etc...the list goes on and on.... Heres links to a few pride and festival celebrations goin on this summer that I'm familar with... LOL gotta love that last one..and of course you have the annual county fairs that go on (my son was asking if we'll be going to the Erie Fair this yr...I hope so since we've not in 2 yrs) I've been to the Friendship Festival a few times and I've been to a couple of Pagan Prides here in New York but unfortunately I've always missed the big ones like Gay Pride in toronto, Caribana (also in Toronto) and NUMEROUS musicfests.... ANYWAY....what are some of the popluar festivals in your area? do you attend any of them each yr? if so which ones? Are there any in particular that you rave about or recommend to ppl NOT from your area?
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17 Jun 08
We really do not have any festivals around my neck of the woods. I live in the middle of nowhere, in a huge bible thumping area so nothing interesting here. One pagan group however has started having a little festival not far from my house but it's only in it's second year and it's a huge deal yet and I don't know anyone and don't really want to spend a whole weekend camping with a bunch of people I don't know, at least not yet. I wish I had access to a nice gay pride celebration because I'd love to go to one of those too. I miss having gay friends, my straight friends are driving me insane. lol
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• Canada
17 Jun 08
My hometown of Guelph Ontario has an awsome jazz estival, and I'm told that Sedona Arizona, where I am during the other half of the year has a really great jazz festival that my husband and I are going to attend one year.