An EX- gf got married, am still.......

@megaplaza (1438)
June 17, 2008 12:43pm CST
i have been seeking advice from mylotter about an ex that we separated last year around september, she left because of a guy she met that wants to marry her, and from news that is reaching me now, she got married earlier this month, and i know probable it is going to be that guy.
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@aj2006 (1536)
• Philippines
19 Jun 08
you still love her do you?? well,that's the outcome of relationships with unfinished bussiness to take care of.. sometimes we reakize that we love and want the other person if she's gone and with somebody..enjoying new life and loving someone..but don't worry, you have your own time and we never know until we can realize it is there infront of us already.
• Malaysia
17 Jun 08
hi megaplaza, I think I get your point. You already broke with her, but it seems to be you still love her. I know it since you mentioned the marriage was with that guy. It sounds you still love her that much like before. Although it's that hard to admit we already lost the people that we love most, but we must think on the sake of this life. Just like in your case, there's some reason behind for that. Remember one thing, good man is for good woman and good woman is for good man. That's not my word but that's the God's promise. Maybe right now on you still gloomy for her marriage but trust me, there's one girl out there that suits for you and for sure a lot of better than your girl friend that you deserve for.
• Philippines
17 Jun 08 whats the problem??about you and her??you are not clear..kindly clear it for me??