moving home

United States
June 17, 2008 1:47pm CST
wel i am finally going back to my native state of louisiana,i am happy but at the same time nervousas all hell because i know alot of things have changed but i don't think i am quite ready for the changes i mean it's been seven years god knows how much has changed plus with all the damage from the hurricanes as of late who can say what kind of shock i am going to find my self in or maybe it will be more like dismay who can really say until august when i go back down there like in my old neighboor hood it was so awesome we had so much fun there where so many things to do anytime of the year but now from what i read and see on t.v. it's not like that anymore there are more home robberies and thefts which for me to hear about now in unthinkable that just shows that post katrina damage has affected the whole state just not new orleans like everyone outside of louisiana says which i think is really unfair to the people living in those areas and what about the elderly how do they adapt to the changes going on around them i mean these are a group of citizens who had thier own way of doing things now they are being put in jepordy by all these crimes oh well i guess i learn first hand just how bad everything really is.....
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