Any1 studying nursing?

@DeniseH (130)
June 17, 2008 4:30pm CST
I start uni in september doing adult nursing. Any1 studying nursing at the mo? are you enjoying it? are you glad you chose to do this? any1 regret it? What sort of shifts have you been getting for your placements? cheers
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@grace24 (1050)
• Philippines
18 Jun 08
i take the course nursing...and i can say..gosh..its so hard..its really not here to discourage you,but im here to share my experience in this course..this one really needs an extra effort,time and hardwork..i really want to become a nurse so i take this course,at first i thought that i want to give up and shift my course but i did'nt do that because i really want to be a nurse even if it is hard. Its really challenging for me but at the same time i am enjoying. If you really want to become a nurse you will do your best and instead of regreting this course why dont you try to love this course??in the end, all of your hardwork in studying nurse will be benificial to you.
@DeniseH (130)
18 Jun 08
Ok thanks grace. I havnt actually started the course yet. I start it in september... so not long before i start! Its exciting and scary at the same time! lol
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
17 Jun 08
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Nursing is something I would loved to have done but I am not really good with blood and medical things but I think it must be a wonderful job with a lot of satisfaction, I hope you do well...